Thursday, July 30, 2009

a new space and new workshops

I will apologize ahead of time for the next couple of weeks and the weekly messages you will get as we lead into the Thursday at 7 classes. I want to make sure that you are in the know!

First off, I have a new office space and will begin seeing clients and holding workshops and classes there in September! Though I am going to miss my current office, I need to update a lot of stuff. Like, gift certificates. I have three Reiki and eight reflexology gift certificates that are soon to have my old address on them and I cannot have that. SOOOOOOO, I am selling these to you at half price over the next couple of weeks, so that I do not waste resources and can get new ones! They will be good for the regular time, of six months from the date of purchase, but I will not be selling the gift certificates with the old address on after these are gone! Reiki gift certificates will be $15 and Reflexology will be $20! That is a real bargain and only applies for these remaining gift certificates! Great for gifts for you or a friend! If the location makes a difference to you, I will be moving to Oak Grove Plaza on 419, just above Hair Affair (I think that is the correct name).

Now for the class! Next week we start off with the Creative Journal Workshop on Thursday at 7pm, for $5. I know you are thinking you are an adult and stopped writing in a journal or diary long after high school. Well this is different! As I have said, today 90% of your thinks you thinked yesterday and will think tomorrow. This journal group is a great way to use more of your noggin and to change your thinks! It can help you at work to reach solutions, because your creative side will be more active. Or you could relax more because you stopped thinking those same three thinks day in and day out. There are so many benefits to a journal!

This is not a tough gotta write every day journal group and you share as you are comfortable, but there will be small things that you will have to do in your journal each month. For example, the first month you will need to introduce yourself to your journal! :o) Then write at least once a week til September, even if you procrastinate and write four entries the week before the next workshop that is ok. I'm not grading you, it is all for fun. It is also good for everyone of all ages so even if your teen wants to join, nothing will be inappropriate. Everyone is welcome!

Look forward to seeing you!

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