Monday, December 28, 2009



Here is to your 2009 wrapping up with lots of health and joy!
This week we are going to all embark on a brand spanking spiffy fresh New Year’s Resolution. Though I did not make it all the way through 2009 with my resolution next year, I am once again setting a goal to floss at least once a week. I know, daily is suppose to happen, but if it is more than once a quarter than it is an improvement. At least I am honest.
The advice I have for you and your New Year Resolution is to try and look at the whole of you and all aspects of your life. Set goals and set specific changes to help you achieve those goals. I am buying new flossing agents, flavored too and finding what makes it easiest to happen.
Maybe with this fantastic dawning of 2010, you look at how you can improve your life and not take away things. Yes it feels amazing to step on a scale and see the distance it revolves around or counts up to decrease feels amazing. However, our subconscious can see that we are losing something. How many times have you lost and regained, plus some? It is because we do not like to lose things in our life.
Try to set goals, such as to become healthier, to complete a 5K or to eat more veggies. It feels better when we reach our goals and we do not “lose” things. We are creating a whole new healthier self. Try to give to yourself and not take away from. Make it about the reward and not the punishment.
In a church I use to attend we had a “Healing Candle”, with that part of service we would light a candle (obviously) and say a mantra or a prayer or whatever you want to call it along with light a candle. I would like to share that with you. It is a good way to look at ourselves and where we might have a place to focus and also away to find where our strength is. I invite you to look at ways in which you might have disease or dis-ease or fear living in your life. Let it go and live with love.
Healing Candle
Disease is so limited: It cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. It cannot eat away peace. It cannot destroy confidence. It cannot kill friendship. It cannot shut out memories. It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the soul. It cannot reduce eternal life. It cannot quench the Spirit. It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection. In god’s love we rest. Amen.
Peace and joy,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter 2010 Classes!

Reiki classes for winter 2010 announced!

Learning about Chakras
February 11 6:30-8:30
Registration requested!

Finding Your Mandala
February 27 12-2
$15 (some materials provided)
Registration requested!

January 30 12-6
February 24 & 25 12-4
March 10 & 11 6-9

All Reiki 1 classes are $125, with $50 deposit due one week before class

March 6 12-6
All Reiki 2 classes are $225, with $50 deposit due one week before class

Reiki Mastership
Coming in late spring 2010

+Ask about full-time student rates.
++Ask about hosting a Reiki class.

Monday, December 21, 2009

December tip #3

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful Winter Solstice!
With the Winter Solstice comes extra activity from the spirit world. This may be an active time for you to be thinking about your family members that have passed on. Not only because the holidays bring this out more, but also the Winter Solstice.
It is so throughout other times of the year, but more so at this transitional point in the year, it is easier for you to talk to those on the other side. They may also come to you more in your dreams and interact with you.
Let your loved ones know you love them and you think about them and talk to them. It is possible. You can also ask for a sign, but make it simple and somewhat common.
Here are my suggestion on how to help you. Remember that now your loved ones are angels now and may not be readily available, for they may be watching over you or someone else in your family. So be patient your symbol or sign may not come right away. Sit somewhere private and quiet, outside might be good, for different reasons, but be comfortable. Talk to them and let them know what you are thinking. They may not be able to reply back the way you would like, but there are things you can do to help you to know they heard you. One thing I use is a feather. You will be amazed at where the symbol you asked for will show up. I've gone to the restroom in a department store and found a feather sitting there on the holder for the toilet paper. I hope that was not a TMI thing. haha! I also had a friend in spirit play a song constantly in department stores, restaurants, elevators and so on to let me know he was with me for a few days. It was nice and made me smile. I have not heard it since, unless I play it specifically on my iPod. Remember though that something you relate with your loved one may not always be the thing that they would think of so maybe make it a neutral thing. That is why a feather has worked for me.
There are a lot of other examples, like a client would get a stitch in their side every year on their birthday. Their brother would "goosy" them from behind when he was here in his physical body, so as an angel they got a stitch every year on their birthday on the same side. So our loved ones are around us, we just have to stop and pay attention to how they talk to us. We also have to be willing to know they are there too and talk to them.
Peace and joy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

stress reduce tip #2

Happy Hanukkah!
With us well on our way through December the malls are full and people are running here and there to find the perfect gift. It can not only add stress to you for getting out in the hussle and bussle, but can add to the stress to your financial budget. Take time this year and maybe consider a few of these gifts.
1. or Global Giving - You help people in other countries or even this country to support their organization or to help fund their new business adventures. They have various denominations of gift certificates you can choose from and is certainly a gift that will feel good to give.

2. Try something homemade, whether you bake or make something, it shows you took time and it came from the heart. Not to mention you can fill whatever you make with your love. Here are few ideas: Cookie jars, bake a loaf of bread or some cookies, paint or some kind of artistic adventure.

3. Pampered stuff, everyone likes to feel good. Get a nice bar of soap so they can feel special and smell good.

4. Volunteer or donate to a local organization in someones name.

5. Always give from the heart and not out of expectations. It will help you feel more fulfilled and less stressed.

Enjoy the weeks ahead!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 2009!

Happy December!

The weeks ahead of us are full of joy, sadness, stress, frustration and laughter. I cannot think of a month throughout a year that brings so many different emotions and often very strong. I hope that these next few weeks of discussion will help you through these most trying weeks of Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza and the dawning of 2010.

I get caught in the expectation of the holiday season and remember the joyous carefree times of my childhood. So I get sad when it does not have the same feeling of running down the hall, in my jammies, bed head, morning breath and all, to look at the excitement of what Santa left me. You see until I was older and had some sort of concept of money (though this was not until recent years, LOL!) how incredibly stressful this could have been on my parents.

Not to mention that I have mammoth stocking that my parents would try to fill every year. You see, I came home on Christmas day in 1972 in that red stocking. Now it fits like a long tube sock, but at one time baby Rhonda was snuggled down inside. To fill that stocking is impossible as not only have they, but Tammy too has tried to fill this stocking. All to come up with a lot of extra stocking at the end. If it was a bag of chips, we would be good to go with some snack-mosphere.

Now that red stocking, tho full, does not have a physical thing inside of it. It is full of joyous memories and with love. Though many of the memories involve people in my life that have moved away or passed on, but they are still in my heart. My grandmother laughing at my bear claw bedroom slippers and putting them on and motoring around with her walker wearing bear feet or my friend Walt who wore a Santa hat and a big grin almost all of December.

So this holiday season, try to remember what and who you do have and not what you do not. Let those around you know they are important and not just during December. It is easy to not appreciate what we do have until we do not. Especially when there is love involved and a warm and fuzzy memory of years gone by. Do something special in memory of those no longer with us and let them know that you love them, chances are they are not to far from hearing. (I buy a poinsettia and give it to someone in memory of my grandmother and always wear a Santa hat on Christmas Eve with a big grin.) They are most likely a guardian angel looking over you and they too love you too. You'll know that something special to do.

Happy December!