Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thursday at 7

Sorry for the late notification in the blog, though there has been an event on the Facebook Group page. This Thursday at 7pm is a Guided Meditation for $5 it is part of the Thursdays at 7 series. This month we will look at the elements of fire, water, earth and wind in the guided meditation. It is a peaceful journey within yourself. Look forward to seeing you there. It will be held at the office at 1719 Grandin Road.

Next Thursday at the new office (in the Oak Grove Plaza), we will be the Creative Journal Thursday. Bring your own journal and since of adventure. If you cannot make it there is a virtual option, though you will not be able to have the group interaction, which is a lot of fun. If you cannot make it and wish to participate in the Creative Journal, all you will need to do is mail a $5 check or drop it by the office and it is just that easy. I will connect you to all of your journal needs.

In the next week I will be posting a new Reiki 1 classes and Reiki 2 class, to have you ready for the Reiki Mastership class in late November. If you have any question about the classes, feel free to ask.

Peace and joy,

Friday, August 14, 2009

3rd Thursdays at 7 and more

We had a great time last night at the Teen Lightworkers workshop! We learned about the labyrinth and meditation and a little beginning on energy. It was a nice time and next month we are going to add a part during the Teen Lightworkers Workshop for a little creative journaling. :o)

I have two more gift certificates at half off left for Reflexology, which will make them $20. I cannot waste supplies and the old address cannot be on my gift certificates in the new office.

This week we have the Adult Lightworkers class. This week we will look more at protecting ourselves from the energy around us, because there are all sorts of things that can take our energy away. This will be the first of many to address this subject, so if you cannot make it do not worry, others are on the way!

Peace and joy,

Friday, August 7, 2009

gift certificate and workshops news and updates

Hey! As you know I am moving to a new office space and cannot take the old gift certificates with me and I do not like to waste resources.

Soooo, I have gift certificates at half price. I located 3 more Reiki gift certificates at ($15 each) and 3 more reflexology + one that didn't sell yet gift certificates ($20 each)!!!! These go fast!!!!

This week we were to have had the first Creative Journal Group, but it being a beautiful sunny August evening, there was not a lot of people in attendance, other than myself. So in September (Sept.3) we will begin!!!

This coming week will be the first of the "Teen Lightworkers Workshops". This is for teens trying to understand the world around us and to not be afraid of what they do not understand. We will begin with the very basic of understanding energy, seeing our energy and how our actions impact others. It will be fun and interactive and good for all levels of teens 12-18. $5 and will be held in Holistic Energy Works office at Grandin Gardens office this month at 1719 Grandin Road, SW; Suite 197 (downstairs). In September we move to the new office for all appointments and workshops and classes.

I feel like offering tip this week too. Next time you pass a mirror stop and smile at yourself. You're an amazing person, whether you realize it or not. I hope you do, but if not, I know one day you will smile at yourself.

Look forward to seeing you guys in the near future!

Peace and joy!