Thursday, August 19, 2010


Often I find myself nestled in nature, while running, walking or riding outdoors. I am often doing this solo. While running I am slow, very slow, almost sloth slow, "is she really moving" slow, though I keep going.

During the wee dark hours of the morning I am sitting there completely alone in the darkness with only a glimmer from the headlamp I wear. I am the only person that can get me through those dark scary moments alone while the others run in front of me.

One thing that I have learned in participating in triathlons, races and such is that the only person to get me through it, is myself. I have friends there cheering me and giving me words of encouragement, but without the strength of will in my heart I am not going to go anywhere. I have to believe in myself.

This is why when I run or ride during the daylight I look for the crane or blue heron standing in the river. As in much of life we stand to learn something from our surroundings.

I have watched a crane standing in the water for hours, seemingly in the same position each time I run or ride past. It looks as though standing still or sleeping while standing, a crane is fully alert and ready for what is to come.

We all look at the wolf and their strong toughness and seemingly mystical connections to worlds unknown. Or the eagle that soars miles above our heads with sharp talons ready to grab a meal. Though if you sit and watch a crane they are brave, strong and on the mark and they are fully present.

The crane stands there with certainty that their food is going to swim by when they need it. Their strength comes in, not fighting or defending territory, but will move onward when their safety is threatened.

Be the crane, wait patiently, but be fully present and alert at what you might miss.