Monday, February 14, 2011

I love...

I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family…. Ok so I am not going to go into a purple dinosaur sing a lot with you, but what we are going to talk about is love. One of the things we in America are raised by is the “Golden Rule” to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Though we have taken that in some respects to an extreme and we do not put ourselves first, for some we are seldom put ourselves first.

Even if we have not been in a plan, we have heard someone joke about or make reference to the oxygen masks coming down and to make sure you have your mask on before helping someone else. In short, if you ain’t breath’n you ain’t help’n anyone. Even the person we love. Yet it seems ok in day to day life to put ourselves last. Yes the “Golden Rule” says that we to help others, but it does not say to help others and then help yourself. It says not to treat someone as you would treat yourself.

Why would you treat someone else better than you treat yourself? It happens and we have all done it. Though I am not suggesting that you change how you live and interact with others all together, what I am asking is to look at how you treat yourself.

Look at it this way:

You just barked at your BFF and called them a lazy fat-butt (keep’n in PG) and a good for nothing slob. That they do not deserve to be treated fairly because they did not get the laundry done or the kids ready for bed in a timely manner, and then do not feed them all day because they have to play catch up. Force them to eat a greasy burger fixed by a stranger in a kitchen you may or may have never stepped foot in and ask them to eat it really fast before you get to pick up the kids, because you have just denied them food all day.

I could give a scenario all day of examples of how we treat ourselves, but I will save you from that. I will however ask you to start treating yourself with kindness and treating yourself as you would someone else. In the end if you do not treat yourself proper, then you really are not giving someone else all that you can. Because while you are standing there helping someone cross the street you may be thinking your stomach is growling or feeling bad about yourself because you did not have time to fix dinner last night.

One thing I have learned over the past year is that the more fitness and health that I gain the more easily I am able to take care of things at home. Then I am not so exhausted afterward and I am able to actually enjoy the home or yard I just worked in.

Time has passed already since New Year’s Day, so I ask you on this Valentine’s Day to love yourself and make a commitment to yourself to love yourself. To see you are as worthy as your friend or a stranger.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Be your Valentine!

—Be kind to yourself. You are worth it.—

Friday, February 4, 2011

Reiki Classes 2011

Happy February!
It is amazing how time flies when we are having fun. The new office is fantatic and if you have not been, please make an appointment today. You will truely be transported to a relaxing place and I look forward to seeing you soon.

There are a few classes and workshops that I will be hosting around town in the near future. Listed below are a few already scheduled and also the only Reiki classes to be offered for 2011. These will also be the last Reiki classes for at least a year and a half, so please if this is a path you were going to take and I am a teacher you wish to learn with this is the last opportunity for a while.

I will continue to hold smaller workshops and stay tuned for each of those as the dates are set. Thank you to each of you who attended the pendulum class and I look forward to seeing at one of the workshops or classes that are on the way.

Workshop on Altars
March 5

Reiki 1
Thursday, March 10

Reiki 1
Thursday, April 7

Reiki 2
Tuesday, May 10

Reiki Mastership
Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12
10-5 both days

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about any of the classes, times, locations and so on. You can respond to either this email or contact me at

Joy and light,

New Years Resolution

We have all done it, do it or planning it. A New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, to once and for all be skinny or however you phrase it. I know I have done the same thing and still in the process of losing weight or getting healthy. I prefer the term releasing the weight that I no longer need and creating a healthier me.

Here is why I phrase it this way. If I lose something, then my subconscious might say “heck, what did she lose? Weight, well goodness we can’t lose something. Here it is back and here is some more in case you lose it again”. Sound familiar? How many of us can say, “I’m really good at losing weight, I’m not really good at keeping it off”? This is why I say that I am letting go of the weight I do not need any more.

Why did I need it in the first place? I was unaware that I needed it, but created the protection for whatever reason. If I have extra fat around me then, nobody can hurt my feelings. I will fill the void with food. I do not have to feel anything if I distract myself with food. I cannot have what I want and I want this candy bar so I am going to eat it, because I can have this. These are all the emotional things that I subconsciously thought while mindlessly eating.

This year maybe try on a different New Year’s Resolution. “Each week I am going to positively improve some part of myself”. This goes deeper than improving the outside appearance. Because many of us who are obese, morbidly obese or overweight are that way for a reason and it is not just because we like food. It is because we have an emotional thing going on.

Here are a few of things to look at for your monthly, weekly or even daily goals in creating that over all positive improvement of yourself in 2011:

1.I will give myself an opportunity to help in my community for 4 hours of my month over to a non-profit. You can donate 4 hours of wages or go do volunteer work.
2.I will give myself a healthy new food to try each month.
3.I will give myself permission to be loved.
4.I will give myself a new outlook about work this week.
5.I will read once a month a book on spirituality
6.I will allow someone to help me.
In the end our health is not limited to the outside of our body. It is our body, mind and spirit that make up our total package of who we are. By looking at our weight as something we do not need as protection or a filler to mask something, then we are better able to let it go and keep it away. After all our health is not limited to our physical appearance it is about the inside and out.

This year how about making your New Year’s Resolution to be more interactive and not just mentioning that this is what I want the end product to be, but to set different steps to achieve that goal. It is easy to say this is what I want, but without smaller bench marks along the way it is easy to lose sight of the bigger goal or to know there is a deeper reason behind our actions. Sometimes what we are looking at is not really what we are trying to fix in the first place.

New podcast coming soon, I can speak better now.

Happy New Year!