Monday, December 21, 2009

December tip #3

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful Winter Solstice!
With the Winter Solstice comes extra activity from the spirit world. This may be an active time for you to be thinking about your family members that have passed on. Not only because the holidays bring this out more, but also the Winter Solstice.
It is so throughout other times of the year, but more so at this transitional point in the year, it is easier for you to talk to those on the other side. They may also come to you more in your dreams and interact with you.
Let your loved ones know you love them and you think about them and talk to them. It is possible. You can also ask for a sign, but make it simple and somewhat common.
Here are my suggestion on how to help you. Remember that now your loved ones are angels now and may not be readily available, for they may be watching over you or someone else in your family. So be patient your symbol or sign may not come right away. Sit somewhere private and quiet, outside might be good, for different reasons, but be comfortable. Talk to them and let them know what you are thinking. They may not be able to reply back the way you would like, but there are things you can do to help you to know they heard you. One thing I use is a feather. You will be amazed at where the symbol you asked for will show up. I've gone to the restroom in a department store and found a feather sitting there on the holder for the toilet paper. I hope that was not a TMI thing. haha! I also had a friend in spirit play a song constantly in department stores, restaurants, elevators and so on to let me know he was with me for a few days. It was nice and made me smile. I have not heard it since, unless I play it specifically on my iPod. Remember though that something you relate with your loved one may not always be the thing that they would think of so maybe make it a neutral thing. That is why a feather has worked for me.
There are a lot of other examples, like a client would get a stitch in their side every year on their birthday. Their brother would "goosy" them from behind when he was here in his physical body, so as an angel they got a stitch every year on their birthday on the same side. So our loved ones are around us, we just have to stop and pay attention to how they talk to us. We also have to be willing to know they are there too and talk to them.
Peace and joy!

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