Monday, December 14, 2009

stress reduce tip #2

Happy Hanukkah!
With us well on our way through December the malls are full and people are running here and there to find the perfect gift. It can not only add stress to you for getting out in the hussle and bussle, but can add to the stress to your financial budget. Take time this year and maybe consider a few of these gifts.
1. or Global Giving - You help people in other countries or even this country to support their organization or to help fund their new business adventures. They have various denominations of gift certificates you can choose from and is certainly a gift that will feel good to give.

2. Try something homemade, whether you bake or make something, it shows you took time and it came from the heart. Not to mention you can fill whatever you make with your love. Here are few ideas: Cookie jars, bake a loaf of bread or some cookies, paint or some kind of artistic adventure.

3. Pampered stuff, everyone likes to feel good. Get a nice bar of soap so they can feel special and smell good.

4. Volunteer or donate to a local organization in someones name.

5. Always give from the heart and not out of expectations. It will help you feel more fulfilled and less stressed.

Enjoy the weeks ahead!

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