Sunday, July 5, 2009

first tip July 2009

Here are some upcoming improvements and additions to Holistic Energy Works. Helping you to heal all of you! Recognizing your mind, body and spirit are all connected in you being able to remain healthy and happy are important, these next few additions to your life might be exactly what you need.

On the third Thursday starting in July, there will be a random series of workshops, from Mandalas, learning about Fearies or many other workshops helping you connect ad to stay connected to the world around you. We will begin with Faeries in your garden. These workshops will be $10-$15 a month, depending on the materials needed for each. Materials will be provided for many of these workshops, such as paint and painting surface for your mandala.

On the fourth Thursday of each month starting in July I will begin holding a regular guided meditation. The regular guided meditations will be simple meditations to help relax, focus, and balance many aspects of your life. Only $5 per person each month.

Then on the first Thursday starting in August (because we've already had the first Thursday in July) there will be a creative journal group that will begin meeting. This group is to help you to have different things to look at and to help you to have different ways to look at you and your life. It is also a fun way to help you to have a unique tool, when you are in need of releasing, put down a memory and telling your story. This is not intense class, no hardcore daily journal requirements. Bring your own journal, cause we all have unique tastes! Each month for each person the class will cost $5. You can join at any time!

So that we do not leave out our younger folks experiencing the world around us, beginning in August on the second Thursdays there will be workshops offered. They will vary from the very simple understanding the energy around ourselves, to chakras, our interconnectedness and so much more. All fun and with various learning levels in mind. Ages 12-18, only $5.

Then beginning in September, I offer a special series of guided meditations on another night focusing on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Metal. This will be offered in 5 consecutive weeks The elements used as part of my reflexology practice, to help your body to maintain homeostasis. I will go into that more later. Either $5 a week or $20 if you pay in advance for all five meditations. You do not have to attend each one, come as you are able.

All of these classes will be from 7-9 and are opened to everyone of any levels of experience or knowledge, I think that each person will enjoy many aspects of each. If you have any questions about any of these classes feel free to ask!!! :o) I would rather have you in the "know" than not in the "know".

If you have a group or wish to have a private class I can do that too. For these workshops and for the Reiki classes offered. Just send me a messege or email or call.

Now if you're still with me our Facebook Group has reached 105 people! Exciting and for the next 5 people to schedule a new appointment with me, I will discount your appointment $10.50. :o) Regular price for Reiki is $30 and Reflexology is $40.

Peace and joy!

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