Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2nd tip of July 2009

Hope that your summer so far has been full of joy and beauty! Here in Roanoke it seems to be very cool for what we have had in the past. While out on our morning bike rides we are having to wear long sleeves. That is nice.

Summer for many is a time of vacation and relaxation, while others it is stressfull. For some people the idea of vacation is stressful, because of the preparation, travel and not to mention expense of getting away. Though it is still important to take a vacation, to have that downtime.

Downtime is important on many levels. It helps us to have a different four corners to look at, it gives us a different focus and oh so many other benefits from time off. If you are not able to leave your home/city for whatever reason for a vacation, recognize it is still important to take time off of work, if even a couple of days. Some just do not have that financial luxary and I am sorry. However, there are a few things you can do to help improve your stress and to help gain more clarity.

1. Get a good nights sleep! Yea, sometimes easier said than done. Life happens sometimes and sleep doesn't. Do your best to get enough sleep and to sleep well. Exercise helps me to sleep, cause my physical body is not so tense, it is able to let go more believe it or not moderate walking is enough to relax most people.

2. Exercise! Yep I mentioned it before, excercise helps to reduce stress and gives you more energy. In short energy makes energy. :o) Kind of like fire creating heat, your body getting out and moving gives you internal heat.

3. Meditation! I meditate everyday, some days more than others, but at least 10 minutes daily. It is easy to tell when I have and have not meditated. I think more clearly and am able to carry on a more focused conversation. Even my friends are able to notice.

Here is how it works. We think the same thinks almost everyday. In fact studies show that 90% of what we think about today is what we thought about yesterday and will think about tomorrow. Yea, that stressed me out, when I had a thought and started trying to figure out if I had thought that already this week or not.

Meditation works by putting you in a quiet or relaxing space and putting you in the present moment. There are different forms of meditation; zen, guided, walking and a few others. There is a meditation out here for everyone, so don't just say I tried and move on. AND NO you do not have to twist yourself up like a pretzel. Hang tight, here is a brief description.

1. Zen meditation - Is for many a very stressfull form of meditation, because it does not occupy your senses. I find it to be the most relaxing. It is the simple act of counting your exhaled breathes from one to ten. Many people have difficulty sitting and semi-staring at a wall counting their breath in complete silence.

2. Guided meditation - Is the simple act of listening to an established journey that you take within your mind. Often with gentle music in the background someone will talk you through an already established script or mindful journey. No need for a imagination, it is practically layed out for you.

3. Walking meditation - Is walking! Simple as that, but adds in a little zen meditaion. It is walking with a gentle pace, correct posture, looking forward and focusing on your exhaled breathes, counting them in your head.

Meditation helps relax, reduce stress, improve sleep, help healing and so much more. If you have any other questions feel free and ask. I offer monthly guided meditations or private meditations in the office or can meet with you to help find the type of meditation that will work best for you.

One thing I have not mentioned is meditation helps us to hear. It helps us to hear our guardian angels, spirit guides and God, because our mind isn't always rolling through the same 90% of the thoughts you had yesterday.

Peace & joy,

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