Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Vday planning

As we begin looking at the month ahead, the month of love and broken hearts. How can one single day have the ability to do both? It is simple we set expectations and they are popped somehow. We have all done it and it is easy to do. Though we get disappointed when we do not get extra sparkly ring or the white table cloth dinner, we do not have the same level of disappointment when we let ourselves down even though we do on almost a daily basis.
So this year for Valentine’s Day instead of hints or tips that often only we recognize, try stating outright, “Let’s go…” or “Let’s look at” or plan something exciting together. It can be more meaningful if you share in the experience from the beginning. A surprise can be a part of dinner or a peaceful picnic by the creek with a fire or whatever you decide to do to share your moments together.
Remember to also treat yourself to something special, you deserve it. It is all a part of self love that is important to do, because if we do not love ourselves then who will. Take yourself out to lunch one day that week or buy a latte you have been keeping an eye on or get a massage or whatever you think of that is a treat, that you do not do all the time.
Happy V-day planning!
*Next class is January 30, 12-6, Reiki 1 Certification ($125/student-full-time student rate available) registration due one week in advance (gotta order the books and make the copies).

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