Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mentors and growth

Throughout history whether it be mythology, fiction or true life, we have all had a mentor or mentors in our life. King Arthur had Merlin, Harry Potter had Dumbledore and so on. Each President when they take office state who their primary influence was to get them to the top office our our country. Those teachers that have guided us and inspired us and they can come form all walks of life, family, celebrities and so on. Those that could inspire our academic pursuits such as Madam Curie to Thomas Jefferson or athletically Dara Torres to Lance Armstrong or socially like Billie Jean King or Freddrick Douglas. Everyone has had role models or people that they look up to, none of us are exempt. At the same time our role models can come in and out of our lives and be there only when we need them.
At the same time, we have also been mentors to someone at some point in our life. We are also still learning. Everything that we do, we should consider that we are still in a practice, because ultimately we can never perfect anything. All that we do will always have room for growth. As well as helping others to grow.
Even though we may not have children running around our house to motivate, inspire and teach, we at some time in our life will do just that to someone or we may do that on a daily basis and not realize it. This is why we treat others how we wish to be treated and we help others to succeed and grow, just as others have helped us. Remember there are vast amounts of potential out there and as others grow around us, so do we. As we help one another our world around us becomes a more peaceful and grand place to live in.
Grow and be enlightening!

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