Wednesday, March 25, 2009

weekly tip March 25, 2009

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one."' ~C.S.Lewis
Friends are an amazing thing. There are all sorts of references to friends in books, magazines and including a TV sitcom titled Friends. Why? Simply because they are the core of what helps us through the things in our life. Now it is true that you are the core of what gets us through things. We make the choices in our life to embark on whatever action we choose to a situation.
Friends help make tough times easier and help make the easy times fun. However, if you do not have friends this makes this tough to hear. And you may or may not want friends. If you are feeling a limit in the friend category, step back and ask yourself if you are even open to have friends. I know for years I could say that I did not have a close group of friends, I had a group of "friendly acquaintances", but none were the ones you could call when you needed something serious. However, I was not in a place to accept people in my life. Primarily because I was not sure about my life, I was not sure where I was going or if I even knew who I was. I kept myself very busy. I got over that and now I have those friends that I can call when I need them for all sorts of things.
Also make sure that your friendships are exactly what you need. Friendships like romantic relationships go both ways, they should help you to feel nourished and you should help them to feel nourished. And keep in mind, that those times may vary, one may nourish more than others through those difficult times.
If you already have friends, take a moment and let them know they are important to you and as a part of your life. Send them a cute card or ask them out for coffee. Because one day, you may wake up and go, "Where is so and so?".
Look to see how you can enrich your relationships with your friends. We're all in this together!
Peace and joy,Rhonda____ *** Don't forget that 50% of all appointments in the month of April will be donated to the Livestrong Challenge.

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