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Weekly tip 04/03/2009

Happy April 2009!
I know that you see Reiki on my Facebook group, holding classes, practices and sessions. I recognize that you may not have any clue what Reiki is and how it can benefit you. The benefits are countless and limited only to your belief. Let us start at the beginning.

What is Reiki?
It is a channeled energy that comes from whatever higher source you believe in. Whatever you choose to call your higher source, God, Allah, Buddha, you, Jesus and so on. It does not come from your energy, so you do not get tired. In fact you get the benefits of the energy at the same time you give a treatment.

How does Reiki work?
Put simply, it gives you good energy and takes away the room for the bad energy. That is if you believe in good and bad. :0) Therefore if there is no room for energy that can drag you down, you have improved health, concentration, better sleep, better coping abilities and the list goes on.

How many levels of Reiki classes are there?
Three levels. At this time Reiki 1 & 2 are one day classes or two half day classes. In Reiki 1 the cost is $125 and includes a book, lots of handouts and the four attunements to open you up to the Reiki energy. Reiki 2 is $225 and expands your Reiki energy to be more powerful and allows you to send distant Reiki. Reiki 3 or the mastership class is $300 and is a two day class. I do offer discounts for full-time students. Ask if you have a question about classes or know someplace you would like to see a class held. With Reiki 1 you can begin a Reiki healing practice, though it is not recommended until Reiki 2, because the energy gets strong the more you use it.

How much does a session cost?
In my office I charge $30/hour, with most sessions not going over an hour.

One wonderful benefits of Reiki is it brings you closer to God and it helps to grow your spiritual practices and beliefs. In the classes I feel the wonderful energy of angels and God filling the room. The same energy comes in during treatment sessions too. Your guardian angels, spirit guides or whatever you call your spirit helpers comes in to assist in your healing. So that the Reiki energy can go exactly where you need it most, even though there are several hand positions that go all over the body.

There is a very brief explanation of what Reiki is. Feel free to ask questions. More next week. :0)
Peace and joy,
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