Monday, June 22, 2009

2nd tip for June 2009!

Happy summer!Last week I was asked a question about learning Reiki. It goes something like this, "If I can just come to you each week for Reiki, why do I need to learn Reiki?". So I thought, you might be having the exact same question.
Just because you are certified and open to giving the Reiki energy in a treatment session, does not mean that you do not have to stop your treatment sessions. In fact I still receive Reiki sessions from others.
Here is why. It goes along with the old saying, "Physician heal thyself". I'm not a physician, but each day I do my own Reiki healing session with myself. However at times when I began to feel out of balance and not well I call another practioner to recieve a treatment. It helps me to one, strengthen my Reiki connection that might have become weak when I was upset. It also helped to clear my mind so that I could focus on my own healing and to continue to be effective in helping others to heal.
Now, you say, I do not want to heal myself, I don't have time. I will first say, I am sorry to hear that. Then I am going to ask: Do you have children?Do you have pets?A loved one in a care facility?and I can keep asking...
Reiki can be used on your children, elderly, pets, yourself, to help heal bruises, scraps and other summer fun bumps, help calm tantrums and in so many other ways. It is not something to replace other treatments you are doing or they are doing, but to work with. It is giving healing energy, so it works WONDERFULLY with other sources of healing.
Reiki can help you:RelaxHave better focusImprove sleepingImprove healingPrevent disease/dis-easeReduce stressand I can go on and on...
Then Reiki is beneficial, not only for you, but for those around you. Reiki goes to where you need it most or where the person you are working on needs it the most. Since it comes from God (or whomever your higher source is, Buddha, Mother Nature, or yourself), Reiki knows what to work on.
So this summer there are a few opportunities and there will be more to come to take a Reiki 1 class. Reiki 1 is $125 and includes a book and handouts. I ask that you sign up at least a week before the class is to be held so that I can order books and get copies of the handouts for you. If you are a full-time student I offer a discount for Reiki 1 ($75) and Reiki 2 ($175). I also offer private classes, though those are discounted and I can also come to a group you might want to offer a Reiki class. Look under events and news for the upcoming scheduled classes!
If you have any questions feel free to call and ask.
Peace and joy!-Rhonda

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