Thursday, May 28, 2009

may tip two-it takes a village

You know how I am. If I keep repeating something or keep seeing something then I have to pass it along to you. One thing that I have mentioned to a few clients and have recently realized in my own life is that it takes a village to raise a child.

You might be over 18 and have your own family, have many friends and you may have been supporting yourself for many years, but you're not done with being raised. No you don't have to move in with your best friend and hang on through this tip.

What am I saying you ask? I'll use myself as an example. As you may know I am participating in a Lance Armstrong Foundation, 45 mile Livestrong Challenge bike ride. ( or you want to learn more about my ride.) This is a big deal considering that when I signed up (officially March of 2009), the most I had rode on my bike was maybe 15 miles. Now I am up to 25 miles on a regular ride, climbed up Mill Mountain and endurance rides are 31 plus miles. I'm proud of myself, but I have not been alone through all of this.

Here is where the village comes in. I first got the approval from my Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. Most importantly my partner, because my constant training, fundraising and awareness raising was going to impact her life too. I have had friends coach me on climbing steep mountains, friends riding with me on long rides and encouragement, and helping me with my bake sale (location,treats and all sorts of support). I go to the chiropractor almost weekly, acupuncturist is called a lot with aches and pains and questions. Tammy cooks great food, I talk to friends all of the time about rides and the list goes on and on. In short, we don't do anything alone.

All of our choices impact other people and all of our actions impact other people. This applies to negaitve thought, actions and reactions. I many times have to contemplate on what I say and do, to see if that is how I want myself to be presented to the world. I do not always succeed, I do get mad, upset and discouraged, but I try to move past it and not to allow it to become a part of how I define myself in that moment. My daily interactions impact the lives of all sorts of people, friends and family.

We may seem like we are alone, in our interactions, but we aren't. If you do feel alone, ask yourself; if you are willing to have people get close to you? Are you willing to have people help you? Are you open to change or difference in your life?. Think seriously and answer honestly! I use to feel I did not have any friends and I did all I could to get friends, but I was mistaken. I was dubbed "the queen of the 2 minute conversation". I could work a room, but never really allowed people the chance to really get to know who I am. In short and reflection today, I felt there were parts of my life I had to hide. A wise teacher in my village who has helped me to be raised me once said, "You go, come here, go away, come here, go away, come here, go away." and how most people just go away. I did not understand until a few years ago what that meant, but have it now.

I did not make the changes in my life overnight and I now recognize that it has taken a village to continue to raise me, even as an adult. Know that gradual changes in your life is easier to stick and with the least amount of backlash, so one step at a time as you and others around you are comfortable.

Happy villaging!

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