Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Understanding Space Clearing

Spaces much like people have energy. In Chinese cultures there is a practice called Feng Shui that states that certain parts of your house are linked to areas of your personal life. In addition to that, there is the energy of a house too.
It is a saying you hear once in a while, “if walls could talk”. Well they do. Have you ever stepped into a vacant office, house or room and felt welcome right away and felt warm and fuzzy all over? Or just the opposite you walk in and feel sad or mad in the space? This is the energy of the space, often of the previous occupants of that space.
We all have energy, it is called chi and much like electrical lines that run all over the city so do our chi lines in our bodies and in our living spaces. So many different things affect our chi and the chi around us. We can have lots of joy, chaos, sadness, celebration and so on, that is emitted from our body. You have heard people say, “I just feel safer when she is around” or “he brings such joy to a room”.
For example; when you are talking to someone and you say something that makes them mad, you may feel a “shutter” in your body, that is them assaulting you with their energy (that is a different topic all together, stay tuned). This energy can also stay in that space. If a space has constant sadness, then it can begin to feel heavy and when outsiders enter they feel tired.
I went to one house to visit a client and instantly felt like I needed a nap. I wanted lots of sugar right away. The family had been sick and the sickness caused a lot of resentment and anger between the couple. As a result it made their house feel heavy and dark. Their health was not improving and one of them slept a lot of the time. After their space clearing, each noticed a difference in each other and their increased energy. Because of their constant illness, their clearing needs to happen more often than some.
While one client had just moved and began to feel like there were bugs crawling all over them and had a host of health issues to show up including insomnia, just as they moved into their new house. They did have something bugging them, their house was bugging them and after a space clearing they could sleep more restful and their health returned back to how it was before moving.
These are only a few occurrences, but keep in mind there are some things you can do to help with the energy of your home.
• Keep it physically clean as possible of clutter and dirt
• Candles, incense and crystals help to aid energy flow
• If you have broken appliances or burned out lights, get rid of it
• If you have not used something in the past year, you most likely will not, toss it, unless it is something you love
• Try not to block door ways
• Keep the toilet lid down. No it is not a woman thing. Think of your and the energy of your house being flushed down the drain
• Do a house clearing at least once a year or when you notice it feels different. We just had a sick puppy, so a clearing will soon occur in our house.
• Make sure there are no gas leaks or other chemical leaks

A space clearing cannot fix everything, but it can fix some things. Start with cleaning it up and then look at clearing it up. A clean slate is always a good place to begin in any space.

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