Friday, May 14, 2010

Karma Part 2

Now we have looked at instant Karma, but there are so many other ways to look at karma and the path or paths that we take in our day to day lives. The general idea of how karma works is the general “cause and effect”. If I do this, then that can happen and so forth, but for many traditions of spiritual and religious beliefs this carries over from life to life.
Let us look at this life and how some of the things in past lives can carry over. I have a thing that when I take a nap, I wake up hungry, like I did not eat before I lay down. I am like that when I wake up. This could be from left over time as a nomad roaming the country I would nap and eat when I could before continuing onward. I do not know for certain, but recognize this as a pattern and a possibility.
Pay attention to repeat patterns that may seem unusual to you. Not in comparing ourselves from others, but if we do something currently that you cannot find a direct link in this life. These could be connections to our past lives. Just like many of the famous composers of music, many were young children writing masterpieces that we still enjoy today. It is said that they would reference that they have done this before and now we are able to recognize their past life connection.
Karma can be seen as a positive and a negative force in your life. Truth is it is all positive as a path for our soul’s progression, though the path we take on Earth may not always be one without trials or tribulations. We all have choice to enable our personal growth where we need it, some choices are easier than others to accept.

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